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Large Amulet in 22K Gold Vermeil with Fine Link Paper Clip Necklace, 24"


    1. Traditional Thai oval amulet features Buddha meditating in lotus position
    2. Wear it for beauty, inspiration, mindfulness, meditation
    3. 22K gold vermeil handmade fine paper clip chain has lobster clasp and is adorned with traditional Thai amulet and hand-pressed Jai Style charm
    4. Layers beautifully with 16" Fine Paper Clip Chain Necklace 
    5. Necklace measures 61 cm (24 in.)
    6. Amulet measures approx. 2.5 cm (1 in.)
    1. Meditation offers us a better understanding of ourselves, the universe that surrounds us, and serves as a reminder of the journey we are on
    2. Lotus position represents the Lotus flower—a cherished symbol of purity, enlightenment, rebirth, and triumph over adversity
    3. The Lotus flower’s journey is said to mirror our own; it begins rooted in the mud and makes its way through the muddy water to break free, flourish, and bloom
    4. While the Lotus flower holds special meaning across different cultures, anyone can draw inspiration from this beautiful blossom
    1. Paper clip chain is made of .925 sterling silver plated in 22K gold
    2. Traditional Thai amulet has been hand cast in .925 sterling silver and plated in 22K gold 
    3. Hand-pressed Jai Style charm and lobster claw clasp are gold vermeil
    1. Store separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap in soft cloth
    2. Clean with soft polishing cloth 
    3. Remove for cooking, gardening, swimming, and other sports to avoid damage