Designed with Purpose. Inspired by Love.

I believe in...

the art of handcrafted.
The spirit of creativity and intention of the human hand. 
As I make each necklace or bracelet, my intention is to create a beautiful source of inspiration for the wearer. I believe there are no shortcuts to quality, and with each Jai Style design I celebrate the creativity and making process as much as the materials.  My wish is that you enjoy your piece as much as we loved making it.

living with intention.
Discover your jai…

Jai–a profound concept in Thai language and culture­–represents the inherent connection between heart and mind. Having jai-yen is the most valued virtue–it’s a sign of enlightened awareness when one displays a cool head, warm heart, gratitude and respect. My amulets and designs truly embody the meaning of jai and the spirit of being mindful and present.

ancient tradition and modern simplicity.
Simple, everyday elegance infused with meaning.

My designs are inspired by traditions that are imbued with generations of knowledge and infused with meaning, yet are also a reflection of my personal style–a modern Asian aesthetic and Scandinavian sensibility. I’m also inspired by the Thai belief that no one can ever really own an amulet, rather it’s passed from one person to another for centuries, gaining power each time. Beautiful and functional, every piece I create is a treasure that can inspire and endure.

looking to nature for inspiration.
Natural, original, beautiful.
I let the materials–and their beauty and meaning–speak for themselves. Nature is a constant source of inspiration in my travels and at home on the west coast of Canada. I’m connected to nature in my daily life and am grateful for the complexity and richness that it offers–the oceans and sand; the rocks and shells; the mountains and lakes; and the flora and fauna. My designs celebrate the colours, forms and textures in nature that surround and inspire me.

Staying true to purpose and having a positive impact.
Jai Style amulets are authentic, one-of-a-kind pieces from the Buddhist temples of Thailand. Donations of money and oil are made to the temples and monks offer amulets as gifts in return. Hand-pressed, blessed by monks and infused with meaning, my wish is that you wear our amulets for beauty and meaning–as a reminder to live a life filled with intention and gratitude.

Made with love and only the finest materials.
Our materials are sourced and selected with the same thoughtfulness, love, and care we use to design and create our pieces–hand pressed, hand wrapped, hand knotted and hand polished, we use only the finest semi-precious stones, sterling silver, and natural European silk threads.

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada.