Host a Trunk Show

We invite you to host a Trunk Show with Karen, designer and founder of Jai Style.

A Jai Style trunk show is a unique and exclusive opportunity to share the beauty and benefits of Jai Style with your best friends and networks of like-minded creatives, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, designers, local makers, collectors, and connoisseurs of the finest, handcrafted jewelry.

You and your special guests will discover and enjoy the full collection of Jai Style necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, and explore pieces featuring the finest semi-precious stones, silver, gold, and one-of-a-kind authentic Thai amulets.

Share simple, everyday elegance infused with meaning, and so much more...

Karen provides expert styling advice, and shares amazing stories about her travels, living abroad, and her Jai Style journey. Karen also offers special insights into the benefits of gemstones; how to use and benefit from your mala necklaces and blessing bracelets; and how to discover your jai by living a life filled with intention and gratitude.

Why host?

Aside from offering your guests a wonderful experience and exclusive access to the the full Jai Style collection, the host will receive 20% of total event sales in Jai Style product of their choice.

We'd love to hear from you—inquire today...

Please fill out the following form if you're interested in hosting a Jai Style trunk show. We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your interest.