What began as a big adventure, turned into an epic journey that profoundly changed me and the course of my life. 

 It all started with a plan to move our family to Beijing for two years and culminated in a sixteen-year adventure with the four of us, and our two German Shepherds, moving eight times and living in five different countries from China and South Korea, to Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand. 

While we enjoyed immersing ourselves in new cultures and the stunning natural beauty of exotic tropical locations, we also lived through SARS in Beijing; an evacuation from Indonesia; and the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Along the way I discovered inner strength, resilience, and acceptance. Through the study and practice of yoga and meditation throughout Asia, I also gained an enlightened awareness of the importance of being mindful and present, and that true happiness is manifested within. Living and travelling in Asia was truly transformational for me.


I discovered Buddhist amulets at the temples in Bangkok and was immediately fascinated by their beauty, story, and important role in Thai culture. The amulets are handmade, blessed by monks, and infused with spiritual function such as protection and good health. I acquired my first amulet and had it encased in sterling silver. I strung it on a necklace of beautiful large coffee coloured wooden beads and wore my amulet every day to remind myself to be present and to develop peace and love within myself.

Upon my return to Vancouver I was overwhelmed by the positive response to my amulet necklace–both its beauty and meaning.

I realized that by handcrafting these beautiful pieces I could continue to immerse myself in design, creativity, and the study and practice of something that I was so passionate about. I feel the amulets truly embody the meaning of jai and the spirit of being mindful and present.

In 2014, Jai Style was launched.
We are on this journey together. Discover your jai

I invite you to join me as I strive to be present every day and live a life filled with gratitude. While it’s taken me years to discover and acknowledge my true gifts and purpose, I know this is what I’m meant to be doing. Jai Style is both a way of living and a livelihood–it’s a means of connection, and a source of inspiration, spiritual nourishment and growth.

With gratitude,