My View From Here | Set of 6 Postcards

  • Set of 6 postcards representing hope for peace in Ukraine
  • All proceeds from the sale of the cards, plus a matching gift, will be donated to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine
  • All original photography by Karen, JaiStyle founder and designer
  • Inspired by the stunning natural beauty of the Southwest Coast of BC, Canada
  • Much of Karen's inspiration comes from nature—the colours, the shapes, and the ever-evolving fluidity of a sunrise or sunset, cloud patterns, tides, and currents
  • Palm trees are a special symbol of continual hope for peace in Ukraine; "Palma" in Latin means glory, prize, award for victory, and salvation
  • Karen's hope is that these cards bring you, and those you share them with, a sense of peace and deep gratitude for supporting the people of Ukraine
  • Read more about the project
We all have the power to be healers because we all have the capacity to love. With gratitude, Karen xo