May 04, 2022


Nature inspires gratitude, hope, and support

I'm so happy to share my new collection of My View From Here Postcards, which reflect my outlook on nature and on life.

All proceeds from the sale of the Postcards, plus a matching gift, will be donated to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

I have a deep sense of gratitude for all of creation, especially nature. Much of my work in photography and jewelry design is inspired by nature—the colours, the shapes, and the ever-evolving fluidity of a sunrise or sunset, cloud patterns, tides, currents, and the majesty of palm trees.

When posting photos of my travels and my sanctuary on Bowen Island in the southwest of BC, Canada, my followers have been overwhelmingly supportive, often asking if I sell my photos or would grant permission to paint them. Inspired and encouraged, I decided to print them with my favourite quotes on the reverse. Together, these photos and quotes represent my hope for peace.

All proceeds from the sale of the cards, plus a matching gift, will be donated to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Latin world “palma” means glory, prize, award for victory, and salvation, which is why I included some of my photos of palm trees in this package—a reflection of continual hope for peace in Ukraine.

I love giving postcards with gifts and using them as bookmarks. I hope My View From Here Postcards bring you, and those you share them with, a sense of peace and deep gratitude for being able to support the people of Ukraine.

After all, we are all one, and how do we move the world away from fear and towards love? It’s all in our connections and relationships.

All of us have the power to be healers because we all have the capacity to love.

Explore all 6 of my postcard designs and quotes and please join me in supporting the people of Ukraine.

With much love and gratitude,

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