18K Gold Vermeil Cross Pendant


    1. Jai Style 18K gold vermeil cross pendant
    2. Stunning on a semi-precious stone, silver, or gold necklace or a simple piece of silk. We love mixing metals and often wear this gold vermeil cross on a silver chain
    3. Measures 40 mm 
    1. Gold vermeil is a thick 18K gold layer over .925 solid sterling silver
    1. Store separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap in soft cloth
    2. Wipe regularly with soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove makeup, dirt, and natural skin oils
    3. Clean gently with soft polishing cloth
    4. If needed, wash gently with mild soap; rinse and dry thoroughly with soft, lint-free cloth
    5. Remove for cooking, gardening, swimming, and other sports to avoid damage