Apatite Necklace, 4mm


    1. Handcrafted 4mm square cut faceted Apatite gemstone necklace
    2. Apatite is a motivational stone known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals.
    3. Adorned with .925 sterling silver Jai Style hand-embossed charm and lobster clasp
    4. Adjustable necklace measures 45.7 cm (18 in.) with 5 cm (2 in.) sterling silver extender.
    5. Crafted entirely by hand, this piece is perfect for layering with other stones or metals or wear it on its own and personalize it with a charm or pendant.
    1. 4mm square cut faceted semi-precious Apatite gemstones
    2. Adorned with .925 sterling silver Jai Style hand-embossed charm, extender chain, and lobster clasp
    1. Store separately in a soft lint-free cloth or pouch
    2. If needed, wash gemstones gently with a damp cloth or mild soap; rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth before storing
    3. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, and cleaners with ammonia, harsh chemicals, and abrasives