Cream Riverstone Bracelet with Sterling Silver Thai Amulet


    1. 8mm cream riverstone ball beads
    2. Adorned with sterling silver Thai amulet, ball bead, and Jai Style charm
    3. Amulets are hand cast from authentic original Thai amulets
    4. Amulets are inscribed with an abbreviated metta prayer on back to help you cultivate loving kindness for yourself and all living beings
    5. Bracelet also available in Matte Black Onyx
    6. Stretch bracelet measures 18.4 cm (7 1/4 in.)
    7. Amulet length measures approx. 1.3 cm (1/2 in.)
    8. Designed and handmade in Vancouver, Canada
    1. Opaque cream riverstone gemstone ball beads
    2. Amulets are hand cast from authentic Thai amulets
    3. Amulets are .925 sterling silver
    4. .925 sterling ball bead and Jai style silver charm
    1. Store separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap in soft cloth
    2. Wipe beads regularly with soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove makeup, dirt, and natural skin oils; avoid getting wet
    3. Clean silver with silver polishing cloth
    4. Remove for cooking, gardening, swimming, and other sports to avoid damage