Sterling Silver Large Heart Charm


    1. Solid sterling silver Large Heart Charm
    2. Wear our Heart Charm as a way to express and celebrate love for yourself and a reminder to prioritize emotional well-being and self-care
    3. Let it serve as a beautiful reminder to approach situations and interactions with a warm and open heart
    4. Adorn any necklace or bracelet; add it to a charm ring to customize your look; coordinate it with other charms to reflect your personal style and story and what's important to you.
    5. Large Heart Charm measures 15 mm 
    1. .925 solid sterling silver
    1. Store separately in a fabric-lined jewelry box or wrap in soft cloth
    2. Wipe regularly with soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove makeup, dirt, and natural skin oils
    3. Clean silver with silver polishing cloth
    4. If needed, wash gently with mild soap; rinse and dry thoroughly with soft, lint-free cloth
    5. Remove for cooking, gardening, swimming, and other sports to avoid damage