Moonstone Hand-Knotted Necklace with Silver Charm Clasp, 24"


    1. 4mm square cut faceted Moonstone gemstones are hand-knotted with silk thread and finished with a .925 sterling silver Jai Style charm clasp
    2. Can be worn with the clasp in the back or in the front with your favourite charm(s) or pendant
    3. Moonstone opens the heart chakra putting us in touch with our inner feelings and intuition
    4. Necklace measures 70 cm (24 in.) 
    5. Charm clasp measures 18 mm in diameter and 3mm in thickness
    1. 4mm square cut faceted semi-precious Moonstone gemstones
    2. Hand-knotted with silk thread
    3. .925 sterling silver Jai Style charm clasp
    1. Store separately in a soft lint-free cloth or pouch
    2. If needed, wash gemstones gently with a damp cloth or mild soap; rinse and dry thoroughly with a soft, lint-free cloth before storing
    3. Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, and cleaners with ammonia, harsh chemicals, and abrasives